Surveys and data

The ApaSan project carried out a range of surveys and assessments in order to analyse the situation of water supply and sanitation services in the rural areas of Moldova, to understand the needs of the population and institutions, and to assess the performance and sustainability of introduced solutions. Results and materials from the most important surveys and data collection exercises are made available below.

Baseline Research on rural water and sanitation in Moldova, 2016

This research was conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction, the Congress of Local Authorities of Moldova (CALM) and the World Bank. The research included a household survey in villages with functional public water supply systems (1500 households), a survey among 49 small water operators and Local Public Administrations. The aim of the research was to collect primary data and information on service level, performance and user satisfaction related to rural WSS and to provide policy recommendations. The research is part of a regional study led by the World Bank’s Danube Water Program named “Serving those beyond utility reach in the Danube Region” that was conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Romania, Albania, Ukraine, and Kosovo – as well as Moldova.

reports 2016
Summary reportavailable soon
Full data reportpdf-ro
Instructions for interviewers (for household survey)pdf-ro

Questionnaire, Households

Questionnaire, Water operators

Questionnaire, Local Public Administrations

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Situation of Water Supply and Sanitation in 26 villages in Moldova, 2014

The survey was conducted in 2014 in the 26 villages that have been supported in the past by ApaSan for the construction of piped water supply systems and the establishment of community based operators (Water Consumer Associations). 1,037 households have been interviewed out of the ca. 13,500 households in the 26 villages.

Situation of Water Supply and Sanitation in
26 villages in Moldova, 2014
Summary report: Results of a household surveypdf-ro, pdf-eng
Questionnairepdf-ro, pdf-eng

Interview instructionpdf-ro