Strategic planning

Strategic planning document (General Water Supply and Sanitation Plan) at district level

Investments in the water supply and sanitation sector are done focusing on specific locations only, with no long-term planning framework. A coordinated approach is required for a coherent strategic planning that would ensure cost efficiency and strategic prioritization of investments.

ApaSan supported the Ialoveni District in the development of a strategic planning document, the General Water Supply and Sanitation Plan (GWSSP). The GWSSP serves as a framework which identifies the best technical and economical option for water supply and sanitation for each locality in the district and the most appropriate option for operating these services. The GWSSP Ialoveni is the first water and sanitation master plan in the Republic of Moldova and is based on the national guidelines.

GWSSP (Part I: Water supply) Ialoveni GWSSPpdf-ro, pdf-eng
Guideline to elaborate Water Supply and Sanitation Plan (approved by Ministry of Environment, April, 2014)pdf-ro

General Water Supply and Sanitation Plan for the entire territory of Moldova

With ApaSan guidance and support, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction (now merged into the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment), agreed on a joint approach to sector planning, focusing on the development of a National Water Supply and Sanitation Plan (NWSSP) for the entire territory of Moldova. The NWSSP aims to be a strategic tool for the government to improve the overall governance of water and sanitation services, the efficiency of the sector investment planning and prioritization process, as well as the optimization of sector financing in order to achieve its national targets.

Concept note for developing a Water Supply and Sanitation Plan for the entire territory of the Republic of Moldovapdf-ro, pdf-eng