Sanitation in villages

The rural population in Moldova lacks behind regarding access to safe sanitation: more than half of the rural population relies on unimproved pit latrines in their backyard. Government agencies and international actors supporting Moldova’s water and sanitation sector lack coherent strategies and feasible options to improve the situation and consequently they take little action for improving access to safe sanitation in rural areas. ApaSan is working on improving knowledge and understanding on the situation of rural sanitation, promoting dialogue on how to address rural sanitation, and is introducing solutions contributing to better sanitation in rural areas.

ApaSan focuses on the following elements:

Developing concepts for comprehensive village wide sanitation

Ecosan household toilets in rural areas in Moldova: promotion approach and lessons-learntpdf-eng
Introduction of the constructed wetland technology for treatment of wastewater in rural areas in Moldovapdf-eng

Discussion paper: Rural Sanitation in Moldova – Analysis and Optionsavailable soon
How to tackle sanitation comprehensively in an entire village: Cioresti case study available soon