Congaz school toilets


Congaz village is located in the Autonomous Territorial Unit (ATU) of Găgăuzia in the south of Moldova. In cooperation with the Municipality of Congaz and the Education Department of the ATU Găgăuzia, ApaSan supported the Lyceum in Congaz with the construction of a new school toilet.

The technology of a Urine Diversion Dry Toilet (UDDT) was used, which allows building the toilet to modern standards and attached to the school building. It eliminates the need for wastewater management, which is important as flush toilets were not a viable option, as there is no public sewer system in the village. The Congaz school toilet block is a stand-alone building, accessible from the interior of the school through a corridor.

The toilet serves 812 pupils, teachers and staff and was inaugurated in December 2015. The total cost of the project for design, construction, supervision and materials was 946‘000 MDL (44‘000 EUR), of which 200‘000 MDL (9‘300 EUR) was covered by the ATU Găgăuzia.

ApaSan staff managed the project, procured design and construction works, provided technical assistance to the service providers and took care of quality assurance. ApaSan staff also organised a training of trainers with selected teachers, maintenance staff and pupils from Congaz and other schools, who then conducted trainings in their respective schools on proper use of the toilet, hygiene practices and maintenance of the toilet.

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School toilet in different stages of construction and construction plans (in Romanian)

Design of Congaz School Toilet, including a full set of plans and bill of quantitieszip-ro